To solve our most pressing societal challenges we need to collaborate. By coming together we can create innovative and sustainable solutions – solutions that lead to lasting positive change. Identifying common agendas and building trust is important to succeed, however it is both time consuming and difficult. Achieving valuable long term collaboration can be even harder. The result is that very few organisations pursue journeys of this kind.

SoCentral is an organisation where solving the societal challenge at hand is the only agenda. Using the mindset of an entrepreneur we foster cross-sector collaboration and innovation. Our goal is system change.

We partner with people and organisations that are eager to holistic development of cities and areas. An example is Pådriv, a partnership for a more sustainable development of Hovinbyen in Oslo, Norway. We also run a nordic social innovation incubator in Oslo, Norway. The incubator has over 220 members from 120+ organisations from all sectors that are working on projects and solutions that aims to create a better and more sustainable world.