WP 2: Stormwater solutions evaluation 

In this work package we will undertake a thorough evaluation of urban water-sensitive solutions relevant for Nordic cities and store the gathered information in a free accessible online inventory (http://www.ovase.no/). Evaluation criteria include the hydrologic effectiveness of solutions, investment and operation costs, primary benefit such as stormwater reduction potential and climate effects, but also co-benefits such as effects on biodiversity, pollution reduction, contribution to climate mitigation and health effects. Furthermore, the solutions are evaluated concerning their flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions, their potential for citizen involvement and uncertainties affecting their implementation. Based on the evaluation results transition pathways for the municipality of Oslo will be suggested under consideration of positive and negative synergies of different solutions. For a district and a selected neighbourhood, portfolio combinations of different solutions will be elaborated.

WP-lead: Karianne de Bruin (WEnR)

Contributors: NIVA, DNV-GL, VAV, NINA