Finished projects

Master thesis


Maureen van den Brink (WU, NL): Final_Msc_Thesis_Maureen_vdBrinkThe valuation of stormwater solutions by experts and citizens, A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Framework for ranking stormwater solutions: the case of Oslo

Tom van Bezooijen (WU, NL): Stormwater Measures and Urban Fabrics, A case study of Hovinbyen, Oslo, EXCEL-tool developed in the thesis: Stormwater-Tool-Hovinbyen


Ragni Rønneberg Hernes (NTNU): Evaluating Hydrological Performance of LID-Modules in Mike Urban A Case Study of CSO Reduction in Grefsen, Oslo

Jeppe Wethal (NMBU): Overvannshåndtering: Fra strategi til implementering. Hvordan håndteres overvann i Oslo i byggesaksbehandlingen?

Bachelor Thesis


Sjoerd van Megen (WU, NL): Urban Stormwater Management in Oslo, Norway – Barriers and policy instruments in the transition to sustainable stormwater management



Bart Mesman (WU, NL): Participatory implementation of stormwater solutions in Sogn Allotment Gardens – Sogn Hagelab, Internship Report


Fiona van Schaik (WU, NL): The effect of stormwater measures on water pollutant retention in a Nordic climate

Other student activities


Academic Consultancy Training (WU): Maureen van den Brink, Rosalie Fidder, Janneke Remmers, Jeroen Schoonderbeek:  An urban living lab approach for the implementation of climate adaptation measures – Opportunities for Hovinbyen, Oslo – Find their report on our results-page!

Ragni Rønneberg Hernes (NTNU): Kostnader ved lokale overvannstiltak (prosjektoppgave)