Open projects

Financing mechanisms for stormwater handing, public financing and incentives for private sector investment – practices in Norwegian cities and other countries

In different cities there are different mechanisms how the implementation of new stormwater measures is financed. And there are also popping up the first solutions how to engage private investors. We want to know how this is done in different Norwegian cities (tentatively: Oslo, Bergen, Frederikstad, Trondheim), as well as in 3-4 cities abroad (tentatively: DK-Copenhagen, NL-Amsterdam, US (Philadelphia and another city), Germany-Munich). But we are not limited to these, so depending on your language skills we can also take into account more countries and cities!

Approach: Conduct a literature review and eventually follow up with interviews with water utilities and other relevant municipal entities

Evaluation of extended benefits of stormwater solutions

Screen through the literature and find out what is the hydrologic effectiveness of different stormwater solutions, their investment and operation costs. Which solutions have co-benefits such as effects on biodiversity, pollution reduction, contribution to climate mitigation and health effects? What is about their flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions, their potential for citizen involvement and uncertainties affecting their implementation.

Approach: desk-study, eventually supplemented with telephone interviews or an online survey

Enhancement of benefits from stormwater solutions by design

How can benefits of different stormwater measures be enhanced by design? How can stormwater solutions be integrated in the urban landscape? What designs are applicable in densely built up urban areas, what in peri-urban areas? How can citizens be engaged in the design process?

Approach: Design stormwater solutions for one of the projects case-studies

Hydrological modelling of long-stretched stormwater measures – example along the green ring in Hovinbyen, Oslo

This project requires knowledge on hydrological modelling. We want to find out what the potential of the green ring in Hovinbyen, Oslo is to absorb stormwater. What stormwater solutions could be implemented and where?

Approach: Hydrological modelling (probably with MIKE or SWIM)

 Public perception of local stormwater solutions

In Oslo you can already find different stormwater solutions. What do the citizens think about them? What do they like, mislike, what could be better? What do they know about stormwater? Should the facilities be multi-functional and if yes in which way? Does their perception changes with different weather conditions / through different seasons? How would citizens like to get engaged when the next stormwater solution is planned?

Approach: Go out and ask the people! On-site interviews with citizens in Oslo. Norwegian language skills are necessary!